CoolPress TM Technology

Sculpture Networks' H.264 HD/SD codec systems delivers the best-of-breed HDTV video at 60 fps working into sub-frame delays with the lowest bandwidth requirements by appling patented optimization techniques to all the advanced compression tools offered by H.264 AVC high profile standard, including CABAC.  Sculpture Networks has integrated a series of future prediction techniques to optimize the rate control engine for low delay transmission.  It has also introduced numerous coding techniques to achieve progressive video refresh without the visible refresh artifacts, particularly at lower bit rates. At the transport and network layers, the Cool Press technology brings forth additional advanced algorithms to insure constant bit rate under all conditions, insuring guaranteed on-time decoding so to guarantee a fixed end-to-end delay under all possible content sequences. 

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The Low Delay Value Add

Delay still remain as the primary limitation in bringing remote actionable presence to reality.  As the industry chips away the latency factor from the seven elements of the delivery chain, consisting of capture, compression, network transmission, decompression, render, return path control, and action, new applications not possible before becomes viable possibilities.  Remote vehicle operation (air and ground), remote medical operations involving robotics, engaged tracking surveillance, remote robotics, and cloud based real-time feedback control, are only some of the possibilities.  Delay reduction at the component level within the delivery chain can also play directly to benefit the broader use of other components within the delivery system. As the codec delay shrinks to minimal levels, it opens the doors to video conferencing over the Satellite networks.  

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